Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New adventures in Ultrasound

New adventures in Ultrasound

So I haven’t posted in a while, because there was nothing to post. But now I have something to post and am therefore, posting.

Well yes, I’ve joined a new band. And I am hopeful that this one will spawn some level of a new sound and be creatively engaging for me to hang around. Also, I hope we become popular and make stacks of money.

So far we have about 4 and a half songs in the pipe line. And it’s pretty good stuff too.

We have the lovely Shaia Wolf on vocals.
The multi-talented Justin Hogg on the Bass.
And of course, your truly, on the face melting Axe of glory.

All we need is a drummer to drive the rhythms deep into the core of man-kinds soul.

I have someone in mind for the job, but he is a lazy git! But I love him still.

Other than that, I did have my mind blown away by Guthrie Govan who was out here a couple of weeks ago. Never have I seen so much raw brilliance in one room. He could have divided his awesomeness between all the guitar players at the clinic and there would have still been left overs for the bar man and waiters!

He (truly) is a sight to behold!!!

K rad, see you guys at the show!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The 'Prime Circle Gig'

So anyway...

So last Friday we (Broadway Screamer) jammed a show with Prime Circle and Saving Silence there at Voodoo lounge in Linksfield. "So how was the show dude?". Well, let me tell you...

So I spent the Friday trying to not think about the show cos I don’t like getting myself worked up or nervous, so what happens, the whole of Friday I have people asking me 'Hey dude, aren’t you nervous'? well, I wasn't, but now I guess I am...

Then... So then we had to do sound check at 4 o clock, ya I know, I could only leave the office at 4. so I race off to the gig and the sound guys were still setting up the stage, so I kinda raced there for nothing. I arrive and see the rest of the band, we all sit down and chill for a while and I ask, 'well, when do we sound check'? they all reply 'Dunno dude, we still waiting'.

So time passes, eventually its nearing time to do sound check, and then it starts to rain...

So we go back inside, and chill a bit longer, stress is evident on everyone’s face...

More time passes, eventually its nearing time to do sound check, and then it starts to rain... again.

So we decide to go home and get change, eat, shower and whatever else. When I get home I get a message saying sound check at 7, the time is 6:45 and I’ve just got home, not happy. So I smash supper in my face, do a half shower vibe, get dressed and off we zoom back to the gig.

We arrive and the sound man says we will do a line check only, (this means they will check the sound just before we play, so it’s not a proper sound check). We are not impressed.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to ROCK!?!?!

The first band is up, they are called Saving Silence, they were really cool, they had a good sound and sounded pretty professional.

We played second and then it was Prime Circle headlining. Now the way it works is Prime Circle play at a certain time, whatever happens before that is not their problem so who ever needs to play before them needs to get their show done and then sod off.

So because the no-one was watching the time correctly, the first band got their normal super long awesome set (which is cool for them), but it meant that when we got stage we had very minimal time to play. We literally rushed on, plugged in, belted out about 5 songs and then got told 'hey dudes, this is your last song'. grrrrrrr, not happy.

So we finished the last song, 'We are Broadway Screamer, goodnight'!!!

All in all it was tons of fun, we threw merchandise out, the crowd really responded well (dare i say they loved us), they were boppin-and-a-hoppin-foot-stompin-and-a-groovin. We even got a huge 'WE WANT MORE!!!, 'WE WANT MORE!!!'

So did it suck that we had a short show? Absolutely! Do I think we left a lasting impression? A big fat Hell YEA!!!

A big shout out to Prime Circle for delivering an awesome performance, Saving Silencewho really impressed me, Sub Species who are a brand new clothing label in SA (check em out), all the fans and everyone else. THANKS!!!

photo's to follow.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cape Town - here we come

Greetings all

Well as some of you may or may not know, I will be jet setting with my band Broadway Screamer to sunny Cape Town. A place thats known for a really flat mountain, a really cold sea and people who are not really that bad once you get to know them.

There we will be making massive waves generated by our awesome rock music, showing the Capetonians how to really party and putting forth a request to knock down Table Mountain to erect Tuscan style town houses (a deep passion of mine).

So please do not fear for we will return on Saturday all suntanned and golden brown.

Click on the image below for a larger version.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On line Rocker!!!


thats right! It's AWESOME!!!

I've successfully uploaded my first YouTube video!

Clink on the link bellow to view it. BOOM, do it!!!


Leave a comment on YouTube, please, yes!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Something to Note

So as you may or may not know, i am very into my music so i decided to create a blog (cos thats what these kids do these days) about any and everything that i get into thats musical and what not. i cant really show you pics n stuff from my past, if you wanna see those check out my face book pics thingy here:


yes, I'm serious.

So what I'll do start from now is show you guys what I'm up to with my music, and band stuff, videos, photos and what not. cool? good.

So lets start right here. This past Friday we played a show, which rocked, and much fun was had by all (shot Matt for coming through!)

Then the following morning we played on KTV. after waiting for two hours in the waiting room (which really lived up to its name) we went on to do a 6 minute interview and play one song to 20 toddlers. no comment. (i have no photos of this event yet.)

But here is a picture of me with a hat and one of me on stage with a guitar.